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Who We Are

The Butterfly Fellowship 2012 
Committee (2019-20)



Vice Chairman






Membership Secretary

Committee Members

Robert Dangerfield


Brett Hames


Cissie Shaw


Lynne Hames


Carole Singer

Lorna Dangerfield

Originally founded in 2008 in memory of Stourbridge-based Medium Heather Hatton, and as of 2016 also her husband Eric, The Butterfly Fellowship is a non-profit organisation which aims to enlighten others to the work of the Spirit in the West Midlands and throughout the UK.
The Fellowship - headed up by a democratically elected committee of volunteers - regularly organise a variety of events across the region and beyond, including demonstrations of mediumship, workshops, seminars, lectures and social events covering all aspects of spiritual work.
We are proud to include amongst our regular pool of acclaimed speakers such highly reputable and popular international mediums as Stephen Holbrook, Brian Lynch, Simon James, Brian Robertson and Eileen Davies.
With an ever-growing membership and expanding diversity of events and content, we look forward to continuing the Fellowship's evolution as one of the UK's most promising and prolific new organisations in promoting Spirituality.
Pictured Left: The 2014 Committee pictured with David Bruton, President of the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU), Eric Hatton, Honorary President of the SNU, and internationally renowned medium Stephen Holbrook.

Our Objectives

"To raise and maintain standards in all aspects of spiritual work"


"To encourage members of the public to engage in spiritual awareness and development"


"To use any profit or gains to help relevant charitable causes and organisations, or persons in situations of hardship"


- The Butterfly Fellowship 2012 Constitution

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