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The Butterfly Fellowship 2012 offers a variety of unique courses; including workshops, seminars and groups throughout the year for development and awareness of psychic and mediumistic ability.
NOTE: For one-off workshops, seminars and lectures, please visit our EVENTS page.
Awareness Group:
At present, we run a regular 'Awareness Group' which covers key areas of Spiritual development and attunement. 
The group, led by medium and qualified tutor Lynne Edwards, meets on Monday evenings at:
Quaker Meeting House,
Scotts Road,
West Midlands,
All are welcome and encouraged to attend regardless of experience or ability! We also look forward to welcoming those interested or curious in the work of the Spirit - simply bring yourselves... and an open mind!
Cost: £3 per session
For further information, contact Lynne Edwards on 07505 528629 or via email:
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